MUSA L2.25

MUSA L1.25 speaker set is a combination of traditional electroacoustic speakers and newest hi-tech chassis construction.

Product is based on Illuminator speakers - new hi-end speakers from Scan-Speak, Denmark.


High frequencies are processed by Scan Speak Illuminator R3004/662000. Each speaker has 6 small neodymium magnets, high power, excellent linearity and frequency range up to 40 kHz.

Low and Mid frequencies are processed by Scan-Speak Illuminator 18WU/47/47T00. Their main feature is low distortion level achieved by combination of stiff paper diaphragm and special wave shaped embossing. Efficient neodymium magnet and light basket make less resistance for back sound wave causing less wave distortion comparing to products of competitors.

For mid-range frequencies, a specially designed crossover circuit provides brilliant waterfall plots. Combination of two 18cm speakers provides the similar bass potential as one 25cm woofer. The line amplitude of +/- 9 mm is additional Illuminator feature, connecting all above together we will receive excellent bass dynamics and pressure even inside large rooms.

The robust chassis also contributes to the overall bass dynamics. More important than technical description and excellent characteristics is pure and natural sound of MUSA L0.1 speakers.


  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Nominal Power: 150 W
  • Efficiency: 88 dB
  • Frequency response +/-3dB: 40Hz-40kHz
  • Drop -6dB: 30 Hz
  • Sustainability 250Hz-20kHz: +/-1.5 dB
  • Dimensions (h × w × d): 141×33×43.5 cm