Welcome on Corde High-Fidelity Audio website, place where art meets acoustic.

Corde High-Fidelity Audio was founded in 2010. November 2011 we showed our first prototypes on Warsaw Audioshow 2011, where we presented MUSA L1.25 prototype.
Year of experience of our engineers allow us to create technologically advanced, good-looking and beautifully sounding speakers sets.
We have pleasure to present MUSA speakers series:
  • MUSA M1.2D - floor standing speakers, robust matrix build chassis and high quality components used to provide best sound in its class,
  • MUSA L2.25 - evolution of the prototype presented on Audioshow 2011; floor standing, hybrid build chassis and Scan Speak best Illuminator speakers.
  • MUSA L3.25 / L3.25 Carbon - characteristic design, to provide rigid and vibration free chassis we used only composite materials including carbon fiber. Hi End speakers in every decibel.

No compromise! This is the only way of building hi fidelity speakers and only that way the best sound can be archived. We used best components available and high skilled craftsmen's to provide truly HiEnd speakers to our customers. We warranty unforgettable listening journey and constant discovery of new sounds in recordings that you already well know.

Corde High Fidelity Audio speakers we may find in selected dealers points and direct sale. In case of direct sale we provide additional services including chassis customization, transportation, room acoustic measurements and installation. Please do not hesitate to send us email or call us, any questions will be answered by our engineers.